RISS Expert: New U.S. Sanctions against Venezuela Plunge the Country into Deep Crisis

“A new package of sanctions against Venezuela, which Washington intends to adopt in the near future, will plunge the country into a deep economic crisis,” – RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov expressed his opinion.

“Introduction of the US sanctions against Venezuela – is only a small part of the toolkit, which is used by the USA to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and return the oil industry under the control of the US corporations,” – he noted. In his opinion, tough new sanctions “will block cash payments of state oil company PDVSA for Venezuelan oil.” “Thus, Washington will plunge the country into a deep economic crisis, as the main source of foreign exchange earnings to the country – oil sale proceeds,” said Pshenichnikov.

RISS expert drew attention to the fact that a military rebellion against President Maduro instigated by the USA can be raised in conditions of tough confrontation between the authorities and the opposition. “On Sunday, unknown persons attacked the military base Fuerte Paramacay, calling it a rebellion against "the Maduro dictatorship,"” he said. “But the rebellion failed, the army didn’t support the rebels, Maduro was able to bring the situation under control.”

“The rebellion gives the opposition a reason to inflate the idea that the split takes place even in the army,” –the expert said. “This attack was aimed at the split of the army and creating the illusion in the minds of the military man that the army leans toward the opposition. This is done to ensure that those soldiers who didn’t define their political position moved to the anti-government side.”

“This failed attack is a "trial balloon". We should expect more attacks,” – he added.

In addition, the expert believes that Washington is behind all events in Venezuela. “It's hard not to see the analogy with the "people's protests" in Ukraine in 2014 and with the other colored revolutions that were instigated by Washington. The USA will use any tool to overthrow Maduro: from the introduction of new sanctions to new attempts to organize a coup or civil war,” – I. Pshenichnikov said.


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