Russian expert's view on North Korea's nuclear weapons and deployment of THAAD

For many years now North Korea has been relentlessly trying to perfect its nuclear program by conducting four nuclear tests and developing ballistic missiles that could be topped with nuclear warheads.

A Russian regional security expert in Vladivostok Andrey Gubin says North Korea cannot but continue to develop nuclear weapons because it believes that is the only way to guarantee regime survival.

"It is a defensive weapon for them a political tool for survival and some extent a tool of black mailing and tool to be secured, that is a logic for a cold war very unrealistic logic, that is not very appropriate in contemporary situation, but that is logic of North Korea and there is no other logic for them."

To better resolve the issue, Gubin proposed a new multinational dialogue framework other than the now stalled six-party denuclearization talks.

"Republic of Korea, China and Russia are the most interested nations in mitigating North Korea and resolving this crisis. Seoul, Beijing, and Moscow has its own channels of entice with Pyongyang we can use it to firstly to elaborate some decisions in trilateral format and broadcast to Pyongyang and consult with Pyongyang."

On the issue of THAAD, the Russian security expert said from Moscow's point of view, although the deployment does not pose a direct military threat it will destabilize an already volatile region.

"There is no threat from THAAD to Russia but in terms of regional stability THAAD is very provocative. Russia is an advocate to make North East Asia stable and calm. China is extremely sensitive to this issue because China wants the Northeast to be Chinese dome not American."

The expert also pointed out that Pyongyang's true fear is of invasion and decapitation of the regime similar to what happened to Iraq and Libya.

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