Unlucky president: Zelensky’s first year of presidency

Zelensky continues the policy of the previous president

A year ago, Zelensky has become the Ukrainian president. RISS expert Oleg Nemensky points out that Ukrainians are disappointed with the current course of events in their country; Zelensky’s approval rating has plummeted to a record low level.

“We should not forget that Ukrainians voted primarily not for Zelensky, but against Poroshenko. For example, Zelensky planned to introduce the agricultural land market. Many people strongly opposed this decision, but still voted for him. Ukrainians hoped to see new faces in politics,” he said.

Zelensky promised to free Ukrainians from the legacy of the previous president P.Poroshenko, but actually he just continues the policy of the previous president in the socio-economic, cultural, and ideological sphere. Zelensky even made statements that the former president did not allow himself. For example, he accused the Soviet Union in the outbreak of the Second World War. However, unlike Poroshenko, Zelensky is a weak president, RISS expert says. He recalled Saakashvili's recent appointment as Deputy Prime Minister. In Nemensky’s opinion, it is obvious to everyone that the Ukrainian president is not able to control his own faction the Servant of the People.

“A year has passed, but the Ukrainian president still has no significant achievements. At his press conference on May 20, he demonstrated his incompetence. Thus, the Ukrainians realized that he is an unlucky president,” Nemensky underscored. During Zelensky's presidency, the country experienced a significant economic downturn. As a result of the pandemic, Ukraine has become the most economically affected country in Europe.

Nemensky considers that Zelensky's team may be able to introduce the land market. “This will mean a total sale of Ukraine. But here is a big problem: the current government will not be able to conduct the land market reform properly as it doesn’t have any qualified specialists. Ukraine will not avoid the worst-case scenario,” he concluded.

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