Adviser RISS Director acted as a speaker at security conference in Dubai

"The international situation is very disturbing. There are all the signs of further deterioration of the situation, and talks on the possibility of a third world war already do not seem an exaggeration" – that is the keynote of many speeches at the Emirates Security 2016 (EmSEC - 2016) Exhibition and Conference, which was held in late October in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The event has been attended by E. V. Suponina, Advisor to the Director of RISS, who delivered a report on the topic of Security in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf in the light of the transformations in the international arena and in the region of the Middle East.

"Russia has been back to the Middle East, where it was absent for at least 10 years, starting with 1990-ies. Now no one doubts that it is impossible to ignore the weight and influence of Russia", said Elena Suponina. In her speech, she further mentioned: "Moscow has repeatedly offered the U.S. cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first who has expressed condolences to George W. Bush after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. However, the USA has not responded to the proposals on equal partnership".

E. V. Suponina has noted, that "the UAE among the few other countries remain the islands of stability in a stormy Arab world", but "challenges and threats will continue to grow", and therefore, "it’s necessary to unite efforts in countering them".

The Security Conference and Exhibition were organized by the Dubai police in conjunction with the Dubai Center for Middle East Studies. The Conference and Exhibition have been opened by Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan, deputy head of Dubai Police and General Security. He has noted "the unprecedented growth of violence across the entire world" and called for more active efforts in the fight against terrorism.

The conference was attended by the heads of intelligence services of France, Morocco, heads of security of the UAE, leading international experts and scientists dealing with the problems of the Middle East. The exhibition presented a wide range of latest achievements in the field of security, including specialized video- and eavesdropping and anti-eavesdropping devices, unmanned equipment designed for the detection and trapping of UAVs and other special equipment.

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