Alliance with the USA prevents convergence between South Korea and North Korea

Alliance of South Korea with the United States prevents its rapprochement with the DPRK, RISS expert Vladimir SVEDENTSOV said. “Convergence between the two Koreas provokes the cooling of relations between Seoul and Washington, that is to say, the weakening of the Alliance”, he added.

In expert’s opinion, global hegemon is now not interested in easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula as “serious agreements on arms supply to the territory of South Korea were signed. Any steps to defuse the situation will be disadvantageous to the US military industrial complex. For example, installation of THAAD anti-missile system is billions of dollars in contracts”.

The American President posted in his Twitter that he welcomes the renewed inter-Korean dialogue and in the future the United States is planning to join to this dialogue. But, according to the researcher, “here we are talking only about the fact that Americans just want to keep their finger on the pulse.”

The parties will discuss during the inter-Korean talks, which began on January 9, neutral topics on the participation of the DPRK in the Olympics in Pyeongchang and the possibility of organizing meetings of separated families. “The President of South Korea is interested in the participation of North Korean athletes in the Olympics, as it will raise the prestige of his administration. He also wants the athletes from the two Koreas to march through the stadium in one common team. It will raise his credibility within the country,” concluded the orientalist.