NATO's actions are becoming increasingly offensive

NATO's mission today is to deter Russia, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov commented on the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers Session held in Brussels. During the meeting were discussed the problems of increasing military mobility in Europe, countering cyber and hybrid threats, and increasing the capabilities of the Alliance in the southern direction.

Summit participants openly stated that NATO needs to develop the potential in the field of cybersecurity to counter the Russian Federation, accusing our country of alleged violations of international law. The thesis that the Alliance is pursuing a strategy of dialogue from a position of strength left the NATO lexicon at the last meeting. Now the main attention was paid to the accusations of our country in all kinds of violations, RISS expert pointed out.

In expert's opinion, the purpose of such accusations is to justify the buildup of NATO's military potential under the false pretext of the Russian threat. He noted that NATO's statements on "fundamentally new decisions" adopted at the meeting of the Nuclear Planning Group are alarming in the light of the increasingly aggressive policy of NATO. He also drew attention to the project of the Joint Air Power Competence Centre, which will include Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Hungary. "This new centre is aimed at the study of the air force capabilities in special operations," he explained.

NATO is becoming more offensive and is increasing its expeditionary capabilities, S.Ermakov stated. The sphere of military redeployment is one of the crucial issues that has united NATO and its allies. This time, the meeting was attended by the "military Shengen" in Europe to discuss the issues Of development. This time, the meeting was attended by F.Mogherini who proposed a plan on "military Shengen" in Europe. Sweden and Finland have also sent their ministers to the summit. All these military preparations are aimed at increasing military buildup against our country, the analyst said.

During his recent visit to the United States J.Stoltenberg discussed the importance of NATO for Washington. And the latest actions of the Alliance are aimed at proving to the USA its usefulness in the US foreign and military policy to ensure its global leadership and deter such global competitors as Russia and China, RISS expert concluded.