British general frightens by Russia for the sake of money

According to RISS expert Anna Vilovatykh, talks about Russia as a threat to international security are just a way to get more money for the British army. “Right now there is a revision of the UK national security policy. The heated debates on the military budget and the future image of the British Armed Forces are conducting. The military is trying to get more funding, and therefore creates an image of an external enemy. Russia has been chosen as this enemy,” the analyst added.

In expert’s opinion, the reason for the struggle over the military budget is also linked to the fact that underfunding in this area “is currently estimated to be worth 20 billion pounds.”

But not all officials support such a vector, given by the military and the Prime Minister. “Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, supports the idea not to increase expenses on the military, because the British budget is already going to pieces and the economic conditions after the Brexit will change significantly,” A.Vilovatykh said.

According to her, the British interpret the statements of generals and the British authorities about Russia with humor and skepticism. “They don't believe these statements. After some time, the British society will start to wake up and realize that there is no real threat from Russia,” the analyst concluded.