Eurasian Economic Union – conscious choice of Kyrgyzstan elites and the people

Joining the EAEU was a conscious choice, with no external pressure, said Dmitriy Alexandrov, the Head of the Sector for Central Asian Research, in his report at «Social, Political and Economic Development of Kyrgyzstan within EAEU» forum, organized by the Fund «Eurasians – new wave» ( .

The reporter said it was a choice of elites and the people of Kyrgyzstan. Those, who tried to work against the intergational course of the government, in particular, Eastern, American organizations, finally realised that it was a wide social support of Eurasian intergational projects in the Republic that brought all their attempts to nought.

Speaking of American influence, D. Alexandrov said that USA is not that strong in the region as it was before and is no more able to counteract decisions of Kyrgyzstan government: «Let's remember recent closure of Manas Air Base. Though there were some veiled threats from American organizations, it all ended in just nothing.

The reporter also said that although the Union is an economic one, Kyrgyzstan joining the Union is as well a geopolitical issue. It's a choice with civilazational dimension.

Besides economic benefits, joining the EAEU allows to raise the regional status of the Republic, handle a number of political problems, as now Kyrgyzia is supported by EAEU parnters, first of all by the Russian Federation. Considering the fact that the Republic is also a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), its political situation is also getting better, and its Northen allies get additional guarantees for stability from the «hazardous» South.

It was also mentioned that over last years Kyrgyzstan govenment has been acting more in accordance with stategic interests of the state, rather than momentary tactical profit. International policy of the country is known to have been of a «floating» nature, when strategic partners could be changed within a month. As a result, Republicans were not able to develop a working model either in the international field, or in the political and economic policy within the country.

International policy of the country has become more coherent in recent years. In relations between states it's also important for the parties to keep their word, and it seems Kyrgyzstan now is governed by people able to keep it in the internation arena.

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