This year traditional National Meeting of Friends of Russia gathered 12 000 people. The celebration programm started on September 5 with the commemoration of the Russian warriors, fallen in combats for Shipka. Then followed a concert with children from 15 kindergardens of Bulgaria, the winners of the competition «May There Always Be Sunshine!». Professional and amateur performance groups and famous artists from Russia and Bulgaria also took part in the concert.

The official part started with the report of the "Russophiles" leader and a famous public figure Nikolay Malinov. He said that friendship with Russia united followers of different political views.

On behalf of the RISS delegation spoke the Head of the Sector for the Balkans Studies N.V.Bondarev. He delivered words of welcome of the RISS Director, General Lieutenant L.P.Reshetnikov, appealing the Bulgarians to remember their history. «Eight years in EU and ten years in NATO had a worse impact on Bulgaria than centuaries of Turkish Yoke… Love your history, love your country, and remeber, who is your friend and who is your enemy, and this way Bulgaria will  definitely rise».

Events of the XII National Meeting of Friends of Russia in 2015 were covered by the Chanal 1 Public Russian Television for the first time.