Maduro grabbed the initiative from the US

President Nicolas Maduro proposed holding early parliamentary elections to the opposition-controlled Parliament, which were scheduled for the end of 2020. This proposal is the result of the contact group's work that is acting under the auspices of the EU. Last week, the group held talks in Caracas with representatives of Maduro and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said.

In the final communiqué, the contact group expressed satisfaction that both sides "showed readiness for a dialogue aimed at resolving the crisis through free elections." I.Pshenichnikov believes that Maduro grabs the initiative from the United States. Maduro welcomes any peace talks, as this reduces the likelihood of a military invasion by the Americans. After Maduro's proposal to hold early parliamentary elections, the ball will be in the opposition's court.

Maduro takes advantage of Washington's weakness. It lies in the fact that the United States is unable to achieve its goals in Venezuela. Self-proclaimed president Guaido was unable to lead protests and convince the military to switch sides. The military invasion in Venezuela, which hasn't received support in Latin America, is becoming less profitable for Trump, especially before the elections in 2020. The failure of the military invasion in Venezuela will prevent Trump from being re-elected for a second term, RISS expert considers.

All US attempts to overthrow Maduro have been fruitless for six months. Now US is trying to defuse Venezuela crisis, as the current situation has already become unfavorable for Trump. A peaceful resolution of Venezuelan crisis is a great opportunity for the American president "to save face." Washington warned a lot that Maduro's "days are numbered" in Venezuela, but it can no longer repeat this mantra over and over again while Maduro remains in power.

RISS expert believes that the US is behind the recent meeting between Maduro's representatives and the opposition in Norway. This country is famous for its mediation diplomacy and actually acts as a cover for the US attempts to resolve Venezuelan crisis. It is advantageous for the US to represent the situation as if Norway is looking for a solution to the crisis. This gives the White House an opportunity to retreat without loss of reputation. But this doesn't mean that the United States refused the idea to overthrow Maduro and change the socio-political regime in Venezuela in its favor, I.Pshenichnikov pointed out.

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