Delegation of the Turkish opposition party «Vatan» visited RISS

Delegation of the Turkish opposition party «Vatan» visited RISS on December 24, 2015.
At the meeting At the meeting

From the Russian side the meeting was attended by RISS Director L. Reshetnikov, Director of the St. Petersburg Regional Information-analytical Center A. Kolesnikov, senior research fellow at the Center for Asia and the Middle East I. Svistunova, research fellow R. Enikeev.

During the meeting the two sides discussed the overall situation in the middle East, especially the situation in Syria and Iraq, U.S. influence on development of events in the region, the Kurdish issue. The meeting participants stressed the role of Russia for the stabilization of the situation in the Middle East and preservation of the territorial integrity of Syria and Turkey. They exchanged views on return of the bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey to its previous high level.

Following the meeting, the sides agreed on signing cooperation agreement between RISS and Research Center at the party «Vatan» in Istanbul.

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