In Ukraine, refrigerator starts to win TV

The Ukraine’s population begins to understand the worthlessness of the politicians’ promises, who promoted "The Western way," said RISS expert Vyacheslav KHOLODKOV.

He added that "the economic situation in Ukraine is in a difficult period now. The deficit of the Ukraine’s foreign trade balance totaled $ 4 billion this year for the first nine months that is three times more than in last year."

According to the expert, "the reason is that import grows faster than export, and this is connected with the deindustrialization in the country. Ukrainian industry is lying on its side." Everyone could realize the true essence of Poroshenko’s victory speeches, who said that Ukraine finally got rid of energy dependence on Russia.

"I think this is good for Russia. Certainly, I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, who have become hostage to political games. The issue of gas pricing has always been an irritant in Russian-Ukrainian relations. Do you remember those gas wars? The Ukrainian government was stealing gas for transit to Europe and demanded from Russia more and more preferences. Now the Ukrainian government discusses gas pricing with Europe – with the IMF. And I think that won’t be easy for Ukraine to get discounts, as it could get them from our government," concluded RISS expert.

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