Trump impeachment has become dull even for Democrats

Trump impeachment has entered the final stage. RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko believes that hearings taking place in the Senate are most likely to fail. "First of all, the Senate is largely controlled by the Republican party making Trump's ouster unlikely. Secondly, the process was launched too rashly. This has led to the fact that the evidence that Democrats are trying to present cannot convince neither Senators nor journalists," he said. Mass media is starting to talk about impeachment process less. In addition, the trial against Trump revealed a significant polarization of the U.S. society.

RISS expert added that the Democrats' decision to launch impeachment proceeding seemed to have been a calculated move. They planned to use impeachment inquiry as part of their election campaign. But now it is already clear that Trump's opponents have no direct evidence against the current U.S. President. Trump started his scathing Twitter attack at his political opponents. His statements that impeachment would fail to result only turn the situation in his favor.

At the same time, Trump impeachment has become dull even for Democrats. They are busy with who will represent their party in the upcoming elections. It is still unclear whether this will be J.Biden, B.Sanders, or E.Warren. It is very important to know for them who exactly will oppose Trump in the upcoming presidential election. Everyone is waiting for the primaries, which will be held quite soon. "Impeachment results will be clear next week. According to the new rules, each of the opposing parties is given only one day to provide new evidence in order to find the President guilty," Kravchenko concluded.

Trump impeachment