Exclusive Ukraine crisis analysis presented at RISS

On October 8, 2015 RISS held an important event: the authoring staff of the information and analytical bulletin «Russian Vector» presented a 628-page monography «Crisis in Ukraine and Crimea Events in 2014: information warfare».
At the presentation At the presentation

The unique edition is dedicated to analysis of the Ukraine crisis, its genesis, development and actions taken by the heads of Russia, Ukraine, USA, EU countries and NATO. The book gives the first analysis of both journalism practice and national policy of information warfare.

Copies of the book were given to all 48 authors from different research centers and expert organizations, international journalists and guests of the round table, dedicated to RF challenges from its geopolitical opponents in perspective of the developing new cold war 2.0.

Participants agreed that current international situation and threats to national security of Russia require carefull but active work in all spheres of international policy, defense power, economy, culture, and humanities knowledge, where priority should be given to coordination of actions and construction of a single information front to counteract aggression from NATO states, trying to isolate and discredit Russia on the international arena.