The main goal of NATO's presence in Arctic is counteraction against Russia

Implementation of NATO's plans to expand its physical and political presence in Arctic will aggravate geopolitical rivalry and increase the level of military-political tensions in the region, RISS expert Anna Vilovatykh considers.

The documents explaining the policy of the United States in the Arctic clearly indicate that the USA are planning to provide strategic access to their military and civilian ships in all Arctic areas, regardless of other states’ territorial claims in the Arctic. NATO's plans to radically strengthen its presence in the region mean that the Arctic is seen as an “arena of geopolitical rivalry,” the expert notes.

“NATO military-political bloc is trying to strengthen in the region instead of the Arctic states. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced the creation of a new command structure to increase the mobility of the alliance's forces in Europe and across the Atlantic. After military exercise in Norway he noted that NATO is already present in the Arctic, because half of Norway is the Arctic territory. “NATO is showing interest in territories where Russia is already significantly present,” RISS expert said.

It is clear that the main goal of NATO is the confrontation against the Russian Federation. According to expert opinion, NATO’s presence in this region will provoke discontent of the Arctic States and the entire world community.

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