The irresponsibility of the U.S. politicians puts the world on the brink of war

“The USA has no clear concept of the use of military force, and intimidation of participants of international politics makes the world more uncertain,” RISS expert Sergey Ermakov said. “There is the main challenge to the security in this uncertainty. In fact, the war is not so far away as it seems,” added he.

He considers that this is connected with Mr. Trump's personality. On the one hand, the President would like to shift some of the decisions on the use of military force to the Congress, but in the other hand, Congress itself seeks to keep Trump and his paramilitary environment, taking into account how he is perceived in the political establishment.

According to experts, the U.S. President and his aides “are prone to militant rhetoric, but now there is a struggle on how to solve the key problems of war and peace between the executive and legislative authorities of the United States.” The latest example of this struggle – debate on the revision of the law on sanctions against Russian defense industry, held on October 30, 2017. The question is under what conditions the President will be ready to use armed force without the consent of the Congress.

In the first place RISS expert is concerned about the uncertainty of the situation in which the President can use military force. This gives him an opportunity to use this power at his discretion. “In this regard, raises a question of leaders’ responsibility for their decisions,” he concluded, noting the lack of responsibility among modern politicians.


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