Evil Putin on the cover of "Time". The dark cult of the Western media

An American weekly news magazine “Time” once again will put on the cover the portrait of Vladimir Putin on July 30.

It shouldn’t be expected that the Russian President will be praised. Of course, the journal will write how to stop and expose the Russian intervention in American life and politics.

An average American has no doubt: Russians “hacked” the U.S. presidential election and brought D. Trump to power. And behind this is President Putin. And how else if on NY Times website is published a column covered with cobwebs “Russian cyber attack and the impact on U.S. elections. Complete coverage of Russia’s campaign to disrupt the 2016 presidential election.” How can people not believe one of the main national newspapers of America?

This column — as a pop-up reminder window. As, for example, now, when a new scandal around the “secret” meetings between Trump and Putin during the G20 summit lunch is inflated.

Among the main headings of this column — “Logical connection: from Russian hackers to the US elections.” We can stop reading from this moment. Even a blind man can see that Russians “hacked” the whole of America. But if we read just a little more, in the notes to the article we can find phrases such as “perhaps” and “I think.” “Representatives of the American intelligence service say they believe...”, “A hacking group possibly associated with the FSB, the main successor of the KGB...”, “Investigators believe that the GRU or the hacker group...”, “Intelligence officials assess with high confidence...” and so on. There is no evidence at all. At the First Moscow Medical Institute was a professor who spoke to students at the exam: “You shouldn’t guess, but you should know.” And put a mark “unsatisfactory.”

But it seems that there is no one person in America who could objectively evaluate the situation and put a mark “unsatisfactory.” In the minds of the vast majority of Americans hallucinogenic smoke from the media is mixed with the local reality, which itself is often surreal.

And if it is only the New York Times... The same “reminders” about the “Russian influence” on the U.S. elections are posted on the main TV mouthpiece of US — CNN. On CNN website they are designed as permanent banners with titles: “All you need to know about the investigation against Russia” or “Who is who in the saga of Trump — Russia.” It is clear that the main character in this “investigation” and in this “saga” — Vladimir Putin. The first banner has been located on the CNN website since June 7, the second since May 28. This is part of “objective” reality.

The situation is similar in Europe. British tabloids like The Sun and Express shocked all their readers, saying that Putin “takes a bath in the blood of deer antlers on a barbaric tradition.” But they didn’t say a word about ancient antler baths, which are considered as wellness treatments in any Altai sanatorium. But who cares? However, all Russian are barbarians.

We wonder when it will end.

But here's the thing. The world liberal establishment, which funds and supervises the leading American and European media, gave a birth to a kind of “collective mind” of the collective West. A distinctive feature of the collective mind is that it is tied to a “liberal catechism.”

In our case, the Western media broadcast on the one wave: Russia is evil (because it doesn’t fit into the liberal system of values), the liberal values are good. Western media will not be able to reach the audience on the other wave. This is a vicious circle.

And there are serious concerns that the degradation of this “collective mind” has already passed the point of no return.

The trouble is that the organizers of psychological violence through the media over the Western society are a part of this society. They are victims of their own propaganda. They are not able to offer something different. The liberal globalist establishment lives in a state of paranoia and psychosis.

And, apparently, it will continue on the same lines until it devours itself, thinking that it devours us.

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