The U.S. State Department threatens with new sanctions again

Washington has actually declared a "lawfare" to Moscow by its statement on a new package of anti-Russian sanctions because of the alleged use of chemical weapons by Russia, RISS expert Anna Glazova pointed out. This term is not yet known in Russian, but it is widespread in English. "This is one of the methods of asymmetric warfare. The goal is to use national and international law to your own advantage. This can be much more dangerous because of document forgery", she said.

In expert's opinion, this tactic against Russia is counterproductive for the USA as now we are witnessing a change in the existing world order. "Despite its economic and political leadership, America is losing its global dominance, and the world is no longer unipolar. Hegemon is gradually losing the trust of its Western partners. Asian countries, not to mention the Middle East, are also quite negative about the United States. The understanding that the world is changing will be accompanied by a painful turning point within the United States itself, when various political groups will adhere to opposite stances on a range of global order issues, including their relation to Russia", she added.

She noted that after the recent meeting of the US and Russian presidents in Helsinki, many people expected that the pendulum of US-Russian relations will inevitably swing in the opposite direction. "Unfortunately, this has not happened yet. The internal political struggle in the United States, and more specifically, the struggle for victory in the upcoming elections to Congress, now prevails over the national interests and priorities of the entire world community. As a result, we see the inconsistency of American foreign policy towards other countries and against Russia", RISS expert concluded.

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