U.S. technological leadership in the area of high performance computing

Technological leadership as the main condition for global dominance

According to American experts, the United States faced the threat of losing leadership in high performance computing (HPC), which is considered as the most important condition for maintaining dominance in the world, independent expert Yaroslav Selyanin underscored in the analytical article of RISS journal "National Strategy Issues". In this regard, a large-scale state program for the development of this industry along with other areas of scientific research was launched.

Area of high performance computing is highly supported by U.S. military and political leadership and both houses of Congress. Leadership in HPC equals control over information. U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Intelligence Community play the key role in HPC development. In expert's opinion, broad government’s participation confirmed the importance of this area for ensuring the interests of U.S. national security.

The expert drew attention to the fact that without serious state financial support the American IT industry would not be able to achieve its goals. Quantum computing also sparks significant interest at the government level. U.S. Congress has already passed almost $1.3 billion quantum computing bill designed to accelerate U.S. research into this area. "However, experts are still skeptical about the building of a quantum computer in the near future, which will be suitable for solving problems in the interests of national security," he pointed out.