Trump's political career under threat due to mass riots

Ilya Kravchenko

Presidential election now depends on Trump’s next steps to ease tensions

Trump’s big anti-China speech: Much ado about nothing

Vyacheslav Kholodkov

Trump’s big anti-China speech was aimed at voters rather than changing something in relations with Beijing, RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov says. The basis for Trump’s actions was China’s decision to implement a national security law in Hong Kong. According to this law, Ministries of National Security will be opened in the special administrative region of Hong Kong in order to monitor activities directed at splitting the country and undermining stability.

Labor migration suffering shocks of the pandemic

Mikhail Belyaev

The world economy is undergoing a serious test

COVID-19 intensifying spat between Warsaw and Brussels

Oksana Petrovskaya

The situation around presidential elections in Poland shows the political chaos in the country

What does US Open Skies exit mean?

Sergey Ermakov

The US is putting international peace and security under threat

Trump trying to keep Turkey in the US orbit

Anna Glazova

US-Turkey relationship: prospects for overcoming the crisis

Unlucky president: Zelensky’s first year of presidency

Oleg Nemensky

Zelensky continues the policy of the previous president

Biden-Poroshenko tapes as Trump's election trump card

Sergey Mikhailov

Ukraine has always been under the control of the United States

NATO as a tool for military and political intervention

Current issues of NATO transformation

Russia’s stance on Israel’s annexation move

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the country’s parliament on May 17 that the time had come to extend national sovereignty to the Palestinian territories in the Jordan Valley, the historical place from where the Jewish people had emerged. Russia is calling on Israel to prevent regional tensions from escalating, Izvestia wrote.