North Korea prevented large-scale coronavirus spread

North Korea has prevented large-scale coronavirus spread due to strict preventive measures, RISS expert Roman Lobov says. Pyongyang banned all international passenger travel; all foreigners were quarantined. “Now the DPRK is gradually returning to normal life. However, North Koreans still have to wear medical masks and observe strict measures to control COVID-19 spread,” he said.

Expert has evaluated the application of a possible famine of biblical proportions

The famine of “biblical proportions” in connection with the pandemic coronavirus does not threaten Russia, said the expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Vyacheslav Kholodkov.

World at risk of “biblical” famine due to pandemic?

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) warns that the world is on the brink of global famine of “biblical proportions” due to the novel coronavirus. RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov underscores that the global hunger may adversely affect only the least developed countries. “First of all, we are talking about the Central African states. The fact is that the economic growth of all countries in the world, including developed ones, have declined drastically. Each state is now thinking about how to provide enough food to feed only its population,” he said.

Iran begins lifting lockdown restrictions

Marianna Bakonina

Being under heavy US sanctions, Iran overcomes the pandemic

Mass protests resume in Lebanon despite lockdown

People in Lebanon began to take to the streets amid the coronavirus pandemic despite the lockdown restrictions, which have been in effect for almost a month, Izvestia writes. Activists oppose corruption and the government’s inability to cope with the protracted economic crisis, the worst since the civil war when the country was in ruins. According to the World Bank’s data, over 45% of people in Lebanon live below the poverty line, while last September that figure stood at 33%.

US can tighten pressure on Iran after November election, says expert

Washington and Tehran are not interested in escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf amid the coronavirus pandemic, however, the United States can ramp up pressure on Iran following the November presidential election, head of the Center for the Near and Middle East at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Vladimir Fitin told TASS on Monday.

USA launches anti-Chinese campaign

Sergey Mikhailov

The US is planning to spread a disinformation campaign against China around the world

G20 to consider reforming World Health Organization

Mikhail Belyaev

The USA will face serious resistance from the G20

Even facing pandemic, NATO looking for “Russian threat”

Sergey Ermakov

NATO is still unable to overcome the Cold War complex

Pandemic ruining US hopes for world domination

Mikhail Belyaev

Trump is aimed at maintaining US dominance and hindering China's recovery after the coronavirus