Russia implements fines for illegal abortions

Russia’s Parliament passed a bill July 1 imposing fines for illegal abortions, in a move hailed by local activists as a first step away from the country’s leading position in the world’s abortion rates.

Central and Eastern Europe Results of European Parliament Elections

Oleg Lushnikov

Pessimism persists

RISS delegation visits Republika Srpska

On 19-20 May 2014 a RISS delegation visited Republic Srpska.

The Second Patriotic War should take its place alongside other glorious events in Russian history

On 15 May 2014 RISS hosted "The Great War: Reviving Memory", an international scientific conference forming part of a 4-year project launched by RISS to mark the centenary of the Second Patriotic War (1914-1917).

Will Narendra Modi open a new page in Indo-Russian relations?

In the next five years, Russia could do much to contribute to the implementation of a number of India's geopolitical aspirations, which have been declared in the past years.

Elections in India: a momentous event or a political show?

The closer the day of declaration of results of the general elections in India, the more the process resembles a bright political show. And this is very sad: behind the bright show is hidden the fact that these elections can have a really fateful significance for the country, determining its course for at least next five years.

India: sunset of a dynasty, demise of the catch-all party

Less than three weeks before the announcement of the outcome of the general elections in India, one can already speak about the winner with about 75 percent certainty. But the loser can be announced with almost absolute certainty.

Why the Hindus rose in defence of the Christians

Hindus of Indian descent living in the UK have joined the discussion in the country about the role of the church in society. They oppose the disestablishment of the church.

How unshakable is territorial integrity?

There are parallels between the situation developing in Ukraine and what transpired in Bangladesh in 1971.

Beards, Kalashnikovs and (possibly) Balalaikas as Big-league Politics Factors

Vasily Fedortsev

It sounds absurdly, but it's about serious geopolitical game