Kalashnikov as evidence

Sergey Aleksandrovich Mikhailov

Flawed logic of U.S. foreign policy propaganda and the events in southeast Ukraine

Can the West stop Narendra Modi from coming to power?

As the day of summing up the results of general elections in India approaches, there remains little doubt among observers about the victory of Narendra Modi.

Coverage of Ukrainian crisis in Indian media

Completely absorbed in the ongoing elections, Indian society is not paying too much attention to the processes taking place far from the borders of the country. But the events in Ukraine and around get noticeable coverage in the Indian media.

One More Comment Made by the US State Department on Ukraine

Full of distortions and false arguments

Crimea: a Time to Gather Stones

Anton Averyanov

The success of the referendum in Crimea could be the beginning of a new phase in the struggle of Ukraine’s South-Eastern regions

The West Should not Interfere with Crimean Referendum

The USA and NATO made overt and clear-cut military threats to Russia to make it submissive

How can the West and Russia respond to the Bosnian crisis?

How might the West and Russia respond to the ongoing protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Nikita Bondarev, senior fellow for the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Research at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, tries to answer these questions.

Time to Sign a Super New START

Two prominent U.S. House representatives, Trent Franks and Doug Lamborn, writing on these pages last week,  said they are "in complete agreement" with Moscow's possible initiative to withdraw from the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, if the U.S. does not halt its missile defense program in Europe.

Outsiders to solve Afghan issue

The Turkish-Afghan-Pakistani summit dedicated to the Afghan crisis after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan has ended in Ankara.

The U.S. continues to pursue carrot and stick policy towards India

On Thursday, U.S. ambassador to India Nancy Powell met with Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi, the most popular PM candidate, in Gandhinagar. The meeting marked an end to the diplomatic boycott of Modi by the U.S. and the admission of the fact that attempts to remove Washington’s least favourite politician from the Indian political scene have suffered a failure. However, Washington has no plans to give up its policy of carrot and stick towards India, says Boris Volkhonsky, an expert at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies.