The U.S. continues to pursue carrot and stick policy towards India

On Thursday, U.S. ambassador to India Nancy Powell met with Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi, the most popular PM candidate, in Gandhinagar. The meeting marked an end to the diplomatic boycott of Modi by the U.S. and the admission of the fact that attempts to remove Washington’s least favourite politician from the Indian political scene have suffered a failure. However, Washington has no plans to give up its policy of carrot and stick towards India, says Boris Volkhonsky, an expert at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies.

Italy, European Union defend pirates

Italy and the European Union have warned that if the two Italians who shot dead two Indian fishermen were tried under the anti-piracy and anti-terror legislation, Delhi would face serious problems in its relations with the EU.

Delhi’s Chief Minister tired of being in power

Usually, the first steps taken by any politician, after coming to power for the first time, are judged by the initial days of his tenure. But in the case of Arvind Kejriwal, the primary conclusions were made much earlier.

US Biological Lab Harbinger of Epidemic Diseases in Russia, Central Asia

A prominent Russian expert warned that the biological lab built by the Pentagon in Kazakhstan threatens Russia and Central Asia’s safety and security as it can contaminate the region and start epidemic diseases in there.

Yulia Tymoshenko: Politology of Power

Tamara None Guzenkova

Chapter 2. The Party and Its Leader

Yulia Tymoshenko: Politology of Power

Tamara None Guzenkova

Chapter 1. Political Genesis

Missile Defense Arms Race

Alexander Vershbow, deputy secretary general of NATO and former U.S. ambassador to Russia, published a comment entitled "NATO Missile Defense Is No Threat to Russia" in The Moscow Times on November 12 (attached). In his comment, Vershbow said an Oct. 29 Rossiiskaya Gazeta article incorrectly stated that land-based and sea-launched interceptor missiles in the U.S. national missile defense system "are designed for the total destruction of the warheads of short-, intermediate- and intercontinental-range ballistic missiles."

A Way Forward for the U.S. and Russia

When meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in October, Henry Kissinger mentioned with his characteristic humor that after trips to Russia he brings the Russian point of view to the American leadership, but that in the United States such information does not always help him. This is unfortunate. For Kissinger has much to offer Americans when it comes to Russia.

Bilawal Bhutto promises to save Mohenjo Daro. And is collecting money for this

As reported by the London newspaper "Daily Telegraph", the young heir of the Bhutto-Zardari political dynasty Bilawal Bhutto intends to launch an international campaign to save Mohenjo–Daro, one of the most remarkable archaeological sites not only for the people of Pakistan, but for the whole of humanity.

The World Today is Facing a Turning Point

Dmitry Ryurikov

The key word in world diplomacy is "Syria"