Aleksandr Bedritsky

Aleksandr Bedritsky

PhD in Political Sciences


Biography: Until 2013 he has been worked as Deputy Head of the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Studies of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. In 2013-2015 he has been General Director of the International Organization for Election Observation CIS-EMO. He is member of the Expert Scientific Advisory Board of the Central Election Commission of Russia. Aleksandr Bedritsky is the author of numerous articles in various editions, the author of a monograph, co-author of three collective monographs. He speaks English.

Areas of expertise: the USA-Russian relations; electoral politics; information war.

Scientific works:

  • Bedritsky. Information War: the concept and its implementation in the United States. - M.: RISS 2008.
  • Alekseeva, I. Avcharov, A. Bedritsky, D. Votrin, V. Dyachenko, V. Ilin, A. Kononov, A. Krutskikh, K. Machabeli, G. Smolyan, A. Streltsov, A. Fedorov, D. Chereshkin, V. Tsygichko. Information Challenges to the national and international security. - Moscow: PRC Center Library, 2001.
  • Bedritskiy, A. Zmeevsky, V. Lepsky, A. Lyzhenkov, V. Petrischev, A. Fedorov, N. Uspensky. Superterrorism: the new challenge of the new century. - M.: Human Rights. - 2002.
  • Bedritsky, S. Byishok, A. Kochetkov. Democracy under the fire: Elections in the National Republic of Donbass. - M.: Book World. - 2014.