Anna Glazova

Anna Glazova

leading research fellow, Centre for Research Coordination
PhD in Philological Sciences


Biography: After graduating from the graduate school of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and defending the dissertation in 1995 Anna Glazova worked as a teacher at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and at other Universities in Moscow. Since 2006 she has been engaging in scientific research activity at Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. Anna Glazova is the author of many scientific articles published in Russian editions such as journals “Problems of National Strategy”, “National Defense”, “Moscow”, etc. She participated in many international conferences. She speaks English, Spanish and German.

Areas of expertise: external and internal policy of Turkey; geopolitical and geo-economic processes in the Middle East and the Black Sea region.

Scientific works:

  • Article “Impact of the “Arab Spring” on the non-Arab Middle Eastern countries”, journal “National Strategy Issues”, №4 2014 Edited by A. Glazova
  • Review “Imperial essence” of the US and its implications for world politics”, journal “National Strategy Issues”, № 4, 2013. p. 198-201
  • Article “Turkey's policy in the Western Balkans”, journal “National Strategy Issues”, №24, 2013. p. 22-34
  • Article ““Arab Spring”: consequences for the Russian and the world politics”, journal “National Strategy Issues”, №4, 2012. p.7-38. In collaboration with Suponina, Glushchenko, Karyakin, Kurtov, Shelgunov.
  • Article “Turkish-Israeli relations: Is there a prospect of recovery from the crisis?”, journal “National Strategy Issues”, № 2, 2012, p.49-52
  • Article “Turkey's foreign policy initiatives in the South Caucasus”, journal “National Strategy Issues”, №1, 2011


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