Yury Glushchenko

Yury Glushchenko

leading research fellow
PhD in Economic Sciences


Deputy Chief Editor of the «National Strategy Issues» journal, member of the RISS Academic Board.

Area of research: US-Russian political and economic relations, regional issues of international security, energy and economic security of Russia, Russia – EU energy cooperation.

Research works:

  • Glushchenko Y. N. National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit in the context of the US Financial Stability  // National Strategy Issues.- 2012.-no. 3.- pp. 114–131.
  • Glushchenko Y. N. Challenges and Opportunities of Russia - EU Gas Cooperation: France factor // Revue Défense Nationale (Russian version). - 2012.-no. 2.- pp. 61-77
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  • Glushchenko Y. N. On main priorities of the US policy toward China // Russia in Asia-Pacific Region: security and cooperation issues; Source book. – Moscow.: RISS, 2011.- pp. 51-66.
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  • Glushchenko Y. N. Russia and struggle against international terrorism in Central Asia // Russia in Asia: interaction issues / K. A. Kokarev (Ph.D) (ed.) ; Rus. Inst. for Strategic Studies