Ilya Kravchenko

Ilya Kravchenko

adviser to the RISS Director
PhD in Political sciences


Trump Impeachment May Lead to Compressed Spring Effect

The US Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump has begun

Joseph Biden Assumed the Office of the US President

The inauguration of the 46th US President, Joseph Biden, on 20 January became a landmark event in the American history, says Ilya Kravchenko, a consultant to the RISS Director

Disturbing Day in the US

On 6 January 2021, during the official approval procedure of the results of the US presidential election held in Congress, D. Trump's supporters broke into the Capitol

Elections as the Broken Mirror of the American Society

One of the most intense presidential races in US history is over

Trump vs Biden: Non-handshakable Debate

Trump-Biden debate once again demonstrated that it is just a show

Republicans "in Position of Power" to Pack the Supreme Court

The Supreme Сourt plays a very significant role in the US political life

US riots deepen American society's split

Racism remains America's biggest problem

Trump's political career under threat due to mass riots

Presidential election now depends on Trump’s next steps to ease tensions

Coronavirus and US elections: Will Trump be the winner?

The pandemic has become the Democrats' trump card

Women in the US politics: the role in policy-making decisions

Integration of women politicians into governmental structures is of great importance