Mikhail Belyaev

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PhD in Economic sciences


RISS expert on the interest of Russians in four-day working week

Progressive technologies will lead to a reduction in working days

Germany to Complete Nord Stream 2 Despite US Pressure

Berlin's position on Nord Stream 2 is based on its economic interests

Cryptocurrency will never replace gold

There is no replacement for gold yet

Labor migration suffering shocks of the pandemic

The world economy is undergoing a serious test

COVID-19 will not destroy Europe’s unity

Europe will remain united after the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic

Joint efforts help to successfully overcome crisis situations

It is still too early to bury globalization

G20 to consider reforming World Health Organization

The USA will face serious resistance from the G20

Pandemic ruining US hopes for world domination

Trump is aimed at maintaining US dominance and hindering China's recovery after the coronavirus

Even facing pandemic, USA seeking world domination

America is seeking for the new world order where it becomes the sole global superpower

USA dreaming to repeat Marshall Plan with the EU

Washington is not going to give up on idea of global domination