Petr Tolmachev

Petr Tolmachev

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry


Areas of expertise: world economy, international economic relations, international economic law.

Scientific works: 

  • Investment mechanism in modern international economic relations, 1998
  • Anticrisis Management in the modern world economy, 2000
  • Trends in high-tech sectors in the world economy, 2003
  • External economic factors of sustainable development, 2005
  • Cost management in modern business, 2009

A number of articles on topical problems of national economy and law.

Member of Academic Boards:

Dissertation Council D 209.001.02 – speciality – 08.00.14 “World Economy”

Dissertation Council D 209.001.03 – speciality – 12.00.10 “International Law, European Law”