Oksana Petrovskaya

Oksana Petrovskaya

chief research fellow, scientific secretary
Doctor Historical Sciences


Oksana Petrovskaya graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History (Department of History of Southern and Western Slavs). In 1990 she passed PhD thesis at the MSU Council, and in 2007 she passed doctoral thesis at the Belarusian State University Council (Minsk). Worked at the universities of Russia and Belarus, the Institute of Slavic studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 2009 has been working for the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

Oksana Petrovskaya has about 150 research works on problems of higher education, historical policy, gender studies, history, historiography and the present state of Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, etc., including two books, chapters in collective monographs, articles in journals and collections.

She speaks Polish, Bulgarian, and English.


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