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Latin America on the brink of sanitary and economic collapse

The Latin American continent is in a great danger as the coronavirus pandemic spreads

Trump pointing fingers at Venezuela due to coronavirus

The US is heating up the situation around Venezuela

Evil Putin on the cover of "Time". The dark cult of the Western media

An American weekly news magazine “Time” once again will put on the cover the portrait of Vladimir Putin on July 30.

'Russian Dossier' on Trump: How Fake Stories are Legitimized as Truth

In January, CNN and BuzzFeed reported on memos which allege that United States President Donald Trump had been groomed and supported by Russian intelligence for several years. Among other issues, the report said that during a visit to Moscow in 2013, the US politician had allegedly invited prostitutes to a hotel."The Russian dossier" on Donald Trump is a 35-page compilation of 16 reports marked with different datelines. The earliest report dates back to July 25, 2015, and the latest to December 13, 2016.