Vera Gnevasheva

Vera Gnevasheva

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member, International Academy of Sciences (IAS)


Biography: Vera Gnevasheva graduated from International University in 2001, specialty - Finance and Credit. In 2012 she defended her doctoral dissertation in Labor Economics (08.00.05). She participated in many international conferences (Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden). She passed scientific and pedagogical practice in the Institute of Global Economy (Institute fur Weltwirdschaft) (Kiel, Germany) and in Central European University (Budapest, Hungary).

Vera Gnevasheva is the author of more than 150 scientific works. 98 of them are placed in the base of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) including monographs, training aids, articles in journals recommended by HAC and journals indexed in international databases of citation, SCOPUS, WoS.

She is the Head of over 5 grants received from the funds of Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund (RHSF), Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), Eurasian Bank. The Winner of the competition of the Union of non-state universities in Moscow and the Moscow Region "Leader in Education - 2014" in nomination "Best young scientist" (gold medal of N. Moiseev). She is the Expert of Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund, Russian Science Foundation (RSF). Her biography included in the international scientific base: Who's who in World (2015). Vera Gnevasheva is a Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences (IAS), Member of the International Association of Sociologists (ISA), member of the editorial board of journal “Knowledge. Understanding. Skill”, member of the expert board of the journal "Sociology Study".

She is Chief Research Fellow in Institute of Socio-Political Researches RAS, Director in Center of Youth Sociology of the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies of Moscow University for the Humanities (Youth Institute), Professor in Department of Economic and Financial Disciplines of Moscow University for the Humanities.

Subjects of dissertations: The development of the youth labor market segment on the basis of formation of professional competence through the system of higher education.

Areas of expertise: economics and sociology of labor; labor market; the formation of the labor force; professional competence; employment forecasting.