US-China trade war to spark global recession

Rather than dying down, tensions between Washington and Beijing are only heating up. US President Donald Trump has raised tariffs on Chinese goods from 10% to 25%, but Beijing has not responded to the move so far. Nevertheless, Washington has suggested that China should reach a trade deal now if it wants to avoid more serious consequences. Economists fear that the standoff between the two countries will trigger a global recession, and a collapse of oil prices and stock markets, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes. “For Russia, escalation of the trade war does not bode well. In the future, global recession will result in the collapse of commodity currencies, including the ruble,” experts say.

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Economic Spat Between US, China Could Move Into Political Sphere

The US-China trade negotiations have entered a new stage that is unlikely to end with the US taking a step towards lowering import duties on Chinese goods. An expert from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISI), Mikhail Belyaev, has expressed such a forecast in an interview with Sputnik.

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Syria to restore bridges across Euphrates

Syria, with the assistance of Russia and China, will soon begin to restore bridges across the country’s longest river, the Euphrates, Syrian Minister of Economy and Trade Mohammad Samer al-Khalil informed Izvestia on the sidelines of the Yalta International Economic Forum

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Putin, Kim Jong-un can discuss UN sanctions against North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un can raise the issue of easing international sanctions against North Korea during the upcoming negotiations, Roman Lobov, a Valdai Club expert and a Research Fellow at the Center for Asia and Pacific Region at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, told TASS on Tuesday.

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Russia has the answer to Washington’s anti-Venezuela sanctions

If US lawmakers pass new legislation aimed at countering Russia’s influence in Venezuela, Moscow will have to take tit-for-tat measures, Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zayemsky told Izvesita. Washington has not yet clarified what kind of steps are in the works against Moscow, but the US has dropped some hints at restrictions on Russian-Venezuelan cooperation in the oil industry.

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Paris, Berlin Jumping on New Silk Road Bandwagon Just a Matter of Time

After signing a memorandum of understanding with Italy about Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative, the Chinese President made a state visit to France. Speaking to Sputnik, Chinese and Russian analysts have discussed whether EU member states will follow Rome’s suit and jump on the New Silk Road bandwagon.

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Lebanese leader draws Moscow’s attention to Golan Heights dispute

The Trump administration’s recognition of the Golan Heights as part of Israel undermines the foundations of international law, Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun stated during talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, expressing hope that a solution to this problem will be found soon. According to the Lebanese leader, Washington’s actions have sparked the ire of other countries in the region. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov added that this clearly has negative consequences both from the point of view of the Middle East peace process and the general atmosphere for the peace process in Syria.
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