US hackers plunge Venezuela into nationwide blackout

A cyber attack against Venezuela’s power facilities, which Caracas has blamed on the US, was designed to create intolerable living conditions throughout the Latin American country, Izvestia writes. According to Washington strategists, the power outage was aimed at whipping up protest sentiment to topple Venezuela’s legitimate President Nicolas Maduro. On March 7, state power corporation Corpoelec reported an act of sabotage at the country’s major Guri hydroelectric plant, which supplies power to the capital and 70% of Venezuela. Since Thursday afternoon, 21 out of 23 states across the country have been without electricity.
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Moldova’s Parliamentary Elections To Determine Future Foreign Policy Trajectory

The results of parliamentary elections in Moldova, which will be held on Sunday, will determine the direction in which Chisinau’s foreign policy will develop over the next four years, and it will all depend on whether citizens want to see the president’s pro-Russia socialists to rise as the dominant political force or the ruling pro-European democrats to remain on its course westward

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Maduro makes futile attempt to reach out to opposition

Venezuelan authorities intend to hold dialogue with the opposition led by Juan Guaido but President Nicolas Maduro’s opponents are rejecting talks, Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa told Izvestia. He added that Caracas was determined to take part in meetings on Venezuela that would be held in the coming months. However, it is unclear if the opposition will participate.

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Analyst comments on situation in Venezuela

Political confrontation in Venezuela is entering into a prolonged phase after the United States’ aborted attempt to stage an instant government coup, analyst Igor Pshenichnikov, of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISI), told TASS on Tuesday.

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