Why US Wants China to Share Its Burden of Fighting Daesh

Washington is seeking to persuade China to shoulder the burden of the fight against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) in the Middle East, Russian scholar Azhdar Kurtov, military analyst Vladimir Evseev and Chinese expert Yang Mian told Sputnik, while explaining why Beijing is unlikely to accept this offer unconditionally.

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Maidan for Managua: Washington May Be Planning Revolution Scenario for Nicaragua

Washington has moved one step closer to introducing new tough sanctions against Nicaragua for alleged ‘human rights violations’. Meanwhile, an Organization of American States mission pulled out of the country without giving an explanation. Russian political analyst Igor Pshenichnikov warns that the US may be preparing a Maidan scenario for Managua.

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EU’s Post-Brexit Pivot to the Balkans Piles Pressure on Serbia to Give Up Kosovo

Struggling against Euroscepticism in Western Europe, the EU is seeking to reinvent itself with expansion to the East that threatens the stability of the Balkans, analyst Igor Pshenichnikov warns.Amid rising Euroscepticism in Western Europe, the EU is focused on eastern enlargement, but its desire to “relaunch” the European project depends on pressuring eastern European countries into making painful concessions, such as the demand on Serbia to give up sovereignty over Kosovo.

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