Russia-Greece Relations

As NATO summit began, Greece decided to expel two Russian diplomats and banned the entry of another two Russian citizens.

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Ukrainians’ interest in traveling to Russia continues to grow

Despite the ongoing anti-Russian propaganda that Kiev echoes urging its citizens not to visit the country, the number of Ukrainian tourists wishing to visit Russia is constantly increasing, two sources in Ukraine’s ruling circles told Izvestia. This information is confirmed by the official data of Russia’s Federal Security Service.

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Syria reveals what’s behind Israeli air strikes

The Syrian civil war is shifting into an active military standoff phase between Israel and Iran, Izvestia writes. Overnight to Tuesday, the Israeli Air Force carried out several missile strikes near the Damascus International Airport to destroy a batch of weapons destined for Hezbollah, according to one version. This hasn’t been the first clash, though. In May, Israel struck dozens of Iranian targets inside Syria in response to missile strikes on its border.

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