Reintegration law paved the way for Ukraine’s disintegration

The signing of Donbass reintegration law by Ukraine’s President P.Poroshenko is a critical stage of Donbass conflict, said RISS expert Oleg NEMENSKY. “In fact, the Ukraine’s authorities introduced the propagandistic interpretation of the conflict. Everything that we considered earlier as the Ukrainian propaganda now has the status of obligatory interpretation,” he stressed.

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Ex-President Lula’s unfair trial may turn him into Brazilian Mandela

The result of the trial of Lula’s defense in court constitutes a measure of suppression of political opponents from the right-wing forces, RISS expert Dmitry Burykh considers. He reminded that Lula’s original sentence was increased from nine-and-a-half years to 12 years. If you get acquainted with the indictment, “it will become clear that no credible evidence of guilt has been produced, and his incrimination was based largely on the testimony of witnesses in exchange for concessions from the court.”

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British general frightens by Russia for the sake of money

According to RISS expert Anna Vilovatykh, talks about Russia as a threat to international security are just a way to get more money for the British army. “Right now there is a revision of the UK national security policy. The heated debates on the military budget and the future image of the British Armed Forces are conducting. The military is trying to get more funding, and therefore creates an image of an external enemy. Russia has been chosen as this enemy,” the analyst added.

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Turkish march to Syria’s Afrin

“Turkey has launched a military operation in Syria’s Afrin, currently occupied by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units. Due to the numerous diplomatic contacts Turkey was able to achieve neutral position of the key players in Syria. The USA didn’t begin to protest, even though the Kurds were the main allies of the Americans during the Syrian campaign, and because of them the USA tries to extend its military presence in Syria indefinitely,” RISS expert Vladimir Fitin considers.

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US Democrats frighten Americans by Russia to win the election

The release of a new report on the Russian influence on American democracy and global processes, announced by U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, is the first element of internal political struggle in the USA before the upcoming Congress elections, RISS expert Sergey MIKHAILOV said.

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