Ankara didn’t allow Washington to twist its arms

Turkey’s intention to buy Russian S-400 air defense systems has increased tensions with the United States. Last year, Washington, as part of its pressure on the ally, doubled import tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum (this caused a crisis in the Turkish economy). Recently, the USA has announced its decision to end preferential trade deals with Ankara. “However, this step, unlike last year’s increase in tariffs for steel and aluminum, will not seriously affect the Turkish economy and is more a symbolic gesture,” RISS expert Vladimir Fitin said.

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Wall of contention: Is a national emergency beneficial for Trump?

President D.Trump has declared a state of emergency in the USA. RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko noted that such a decision from Trump had long been expected by both his opponents and supporters. “Trump is trying to implement one of his main campaign promises – to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Not even to build, but to strengthen, as the wall has already been built in the 90s,” he said.

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Catalonia – catalyst for instability in Spain

The Catalan problem in Spain is again in the spotlight. The political crisis in the country doesn’t promise a quick way out, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said. “The last surge of such political instability occurred at the end of 2017, when Catalonia held an independence referendum and after that the Generalitat proclaimed it. Then Madrid managed to suppress separatist movement that threatened to split the state,” the analyst said.

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Europe defeated US in the Nord Stream 2 dispute

Berlin and Paris have reached a compromise on the Nord Stream 2 project – now it can’t be blocked. RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev says that Europe defeated US in the Nord Stream 2 dispute and demonstrated its political independence. “Europe once again demonstrated to the world hegemon that it is not almighty and its dictate is not absolute, as the future wellbeing of the EU countries is on the scales,” he underscored.

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USA may provoke a new Cuban missile crisis

After the USA declared a moratorium on the implementation of the INF Treaty, this agreement became invalid. According to RISS expert Sergey Ermakov, the main question now is what to expect in the near future. The US has been preparing to exit INF Treaty years ago. Washington has attempted to accuse Russia of breaking the Treaty. At the same time, Americans themselves failed to comply with the provisions of this agreement. In particular, they placed universal missile launchers, shock wave and target missiles in Europe. “The crucial problem is that both Trump Administration and the US military and political establishment are absolutely not interested in maintaining the old system of agreements and treaties in the field of arms control and disarmament,” the analyst said.

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Poroshenko may disrupt Ukrainian presidential election

The registration as a presidential candidate in the upcoming Ukrainian presidential election that is scheduled for March 31, 2019 has finished. RISS expert Oleg Nemensky suggests that we will see bright election campaigns of at least three major leaders of the South-Eastern electorate. This part of the Ukrainian voters is characterized by anti-Maidan sentiments and nostalgia for good relationship with Russia.

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China-US trade talks: both sides looking for compromise

Chinese delegation on trade and economic issues under Vice-Premier Liu He ended its visit to Washington. “According to mass media, China made certain concessions to America. Until 2024, Beijing is going to buy additional US goods worth more than $1 trillion and reduce the bilateral trade deficit to a minimum,” RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov said.

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Coup attempt in Venezuela stalled

According to the latest information from Caracas, the coup attempt in Venezuela has stalled, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said. “American blitzkrieg has failed, there follows a protracted struggle of nerves,” he added.

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Germany to simplify labor migration for Ukraine’s sake

In the near future, the Bundestag to approve a new package of immigration legislation relating to migrants from non-EU countries and refugees who have already arrived in Germany. The laws to come into force on January 1, 2020, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya said.

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US fomenting color revolution in Venezuela

It is obvious that the USA now is making another attempt to launch a new round of color revolution in Venezuela, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said. After the failed military coup, there are mass street riots that are taking place in several cities of the country, the participants of which are actively provoking law enforcement forces. No one has any doubt that these actions are inspired by the United States of America. US Vice President Mike Pence in his address to the leader of the opposition Venezuelan Parliament declared his support and appealed “to restore democracy”. Which means, in other words, to overthrow the legitimate President of the country.

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