Beijing checkmates Trump in trade war

The visit of the Chinese government delegation to Washington indicates a serious defeat of D.Trump, RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov said. According to him, “the Americans demanded to sharply reduce the deficit of bilateral trade by $ 200 billion, which is more than half, by the beginning of the next presidential campaign in the United States in 2020.”

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The Transatlantic Partnership risks splitting

There is a crack in the Transatlantic Partnership; Europe and the USA may gradually become enemies, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya pointed out. The EU summit in Sofia was dedicated to the problems of the Western Balkans. However, it can be concluded that current events and new threats to the EU replaced the originally stated theme of the meeting.

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The US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran will increase instability not only in the Middle East

D.Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran is a serious test for U.S. partners to accept the U.S. foreign policy, RISS expert Vladimir FITIN considers. Despite the Washington’s pressure, the main EU countries don’t share its position. After the talks between Macron and Merkel with Trump, France, Germany, and England confirmed their commitment to this agreement.

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Israel found the reason for the USA to abandon the Iran nuclear deal

“The Israeli Prime Minister’s statement that Israel continues to work in the area of nuclear weapons might give the reason for the USA to abandon the Iran nuclear deal. This statement was made on the eve of a very important date. On May 12, the U.S. administration must decide whether it extends its participation in the agreement with Tehran on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue or withdraws from this agreement,” RISS expert Vladimir FITIN said.

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It’s difficult for Germany to establish a protection mechanism against the U.S. sanctions policy

Foreign leaders’ visits to Washington won’t force Trump to abandon his economic plans, RISS expert Pavel ZAKHAROV believes. “The Head of the White House will continue to implement his policy of protecting the U.S. national interests. Neither Macron’s personal rapport with Trump nor Merkel’s businesslike approach would sway him to lift the current sanctions, but there is a possibility that they’ll be able to persuade him to reconsider the anti-Russian potential sanctions in the future. For example, do not apply sanctions to companies conducting business with European countries,” the analyst said.

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Inter-Korea summit: long-awaited steps towards peace

The inter-Korean summit, successfully held on Friday, has showed that the meeting of the leaders of the DPRK and the United States will take place, RISS expert Roman LOBOV said. According to him, such increase in diplomatic activity became possible because “Kim Jong-un has a strong negotiating position. He has the necessary minimum of nuclear missile capability to prevent external invasion. At the same time, the North Korean leader is interested in de-escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.”

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Macron was speaking on behalf of Europe in the USA

French president Emmanuel Macron has managed to present himself as a new dynamic European leader, able to speak on behalf of Europe during the negotiations with U.S. President Donald Trump, RISS expert Sergey SAVUSHKIN said.  “The fact is that France is the only country possessing nuclear weapons after Brexit. Having a nuclear status and pursuing an active diplomatic policy in the international arena, Macron takes the right to speak on behalf of the entire European community”, he explained.

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The reasons for Sargsyan’s resignation are objective

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation against the backdrop of large-scale protests in Yerevan is unlikely to lead to any dramatic changes in Russia-Armenia relations, RISS expert Konstantin TASITS said. “The volume, depth and level of allied strategic interaction between Armenia and Russia speak for themselves. We have great ways of interacting in the economic and military-political sphere. A radical revision of these relations may threaten the very existence of the Armenian statehood,” he added.

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