RISS Journal “National Strategy Issues”

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS) publishes «National Strategy Issues», a scientific journal of high intellectual standards. The journal is dedicated to covering the most important aspects of domestic and foreign policy, economics, and history involving Russia’s national interests, as well as analysing external risks and threats. The publication is aimed at expert support development of scientifically and principle based State position on major issues of national strategy with a view to consolidating the status of the Russian Federation in the world.

According to the Regulation of RISS (ratified by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on January 4, 2012) the main aim of the Institute is information and analytical support of Federal agencies of state power in the creation of the strategic directions of the state policy in the sphere of ensuring national security.

For publication in the journal, as the leading printed publication, RISS accept materials that are appropriate and corresponding to the main aims and objectives of the Institute:

a) study of current international and political-military issues, military and industrial policy of leading countries, social-political and economic situation in neighboring countries and definition of predictions of development of mutual relations of Russia with other states;

b) analysis and valuation of targets and programs of formation of state policy in the sphere of ensuring national security;

c) study of the problems and trends of development of international economic relations, conjuncture of global market, economic policies of the main partners of the Russian Federation, issues of environmental safety;

d) analysis and prediction of development of events in specific countries and regions, which can lead to crisis, also development of suggestions for the ways and means of their settlement.

In addition to the listed subjects for publication in the journal selectively accept materials relating to the fight against the falsification of Russian history, as well as articles related to political and religious aspects of the population issue. Under condition that the material meets the listed objectives in the opinion of the Editorial Board.

The main sections of the journal: “RISS Reports”, “International Politics”, “New Eurasia”, “Defence and Security”, “Economics”, “History”, “Religion and Politics”, “Population and Migration”, “Reviews”.

The RISS team feel free to express their patriotic positions and invite everyone for cooperation. Everyone who is fond of Russia. The pages of the magazine are open for authors from regions of the Russian Federation and other countries.

Six issues per year.

Available in bookstores and by subscription.