Articles for publication in the “National Strategy Issues” journal should meet the following requirements.

Theme and content of an article for publication must conform to the profile, scientific level and topics of the journal (which, in turn, should correspond with the tasks of RISS), have the scientific novelty and be interesting for specialists. Articles previously published or submitted to other editions are not published in the journal.

Article length should be 1 author’s sheet (40 thousand printed characters), for the “Reviews” section – 0,25 author’s sheet (not more than 9 thousand printed characters). Larger articles are considered by the Editorial Board only in exceptional cases. The best option, which is preferred, is the article with variation from the specified size is not more than 4 thousand characters.

The article should be prepared in Microsoft Word for Windows (version 6.0 and above, but only in the format *.doc) using a standard font Times New Roman size No. 14 in one and a half line (computer) interval in Russian.

All the actual data and quotations that are cited in the article must have an accurate and comprehensive reference source. We recommend you to look how to make the footnotes in printed or electronic (online) version of the journal. The authors are responsible for the use of data not intended for open publication in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Bibliographic and textual references are made in the form of footnotes with continuous numbering. The text of the publication must conform to the stylistic, spelling, syntax and other rules of the Russian language. Abbreviations are not allowed.

There are specific requirements for illustrative material. Tables should be numbered and titled, and drawings signed. All graphics must be in black and white, integrated in the file format *.doc and presented in a form that is editable, and have references in the text. If the chart is not available for editing, you must accompany it with the data table.

According to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission to the article should be attached: annotation (not more than 4 short sentences in Russian and English languages), the list of keywords (5-7 in Russian and preferably in English), information about the author (surname, name, middle name), official place of work (abbreviations are not allowed), position, academic degree, title, home address, postcode, phone number and e-mail address. The article must be accompanied by a bibliographic list (in alphabetical order) of scientific sources that are indicated in the text (in the references). Articles prepared by graduate students or applicants are considered in the presence of positive reviews of the scientific supervisor and the specialized department (division or sector). Reviews are sent to the Editorial Board by e-mail with the e-mail address and contact telephone number of the reviewer. The publication of articles for graduate students is free.

Non-compliance with any of these requirements is the reason for the refusal to accept materials.

The author gives consent to free of charge placement of the electronic version of his article, published in the “National Strategy Issues” journal at the RISS Internet site, as well as in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Manuscripts sent to the e-mail address are considered by the Editorial Board as a transfer of author’s rights to publication.

All articles submitted to the Editorial Board and meeting the profile and the topic of the journal are reviewed. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit the text of the publication (to reduce the size of the text, to represent numerical data by a diagram, etc.).

If articles published in the journal are submitted to other editions, link on the “National Strategy Issues” journal is required.

The electronic version of the article should be sent to e-mail marked “Article for the journal”.