Chinese delegation also included Deputy Director of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Huang Zhangwei, Head of the CASS Department of the General History Zhang Zhimin, Head of the CASS Center for the Central America and the Caribbean Wang Pang, Leading Research Fellow of the CASS Institute for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Zhang Jing.

Representatives from RISS were Deputy Director, Head of the Center for Central Asian and the Middle East Studies А.V. Glazova, Head of the Sector for Asian Studies  B.M. Volkhonskiy, Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Central Asian and the Middle East Studies I.Y. Frolova and V.L. Svedentsov, Senior Research Fellow of the Sector for the US and Latin American Studies А.S. Shishkov.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Director of the Institute for the Latin American Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences B.F. Martynov.

Professor U Bayi told the participants about the Institute of Latin American Studies and the work of the experts of the Institute at forums and research projects on cooperation between China and countries of Latin America. The participants also discussed economic relations between Russia and China and ideas to combine Chinese project «Silk Road Economic Belt» and Eurasian Economic Union. Chinese guests shared their opinion on cooperation of China with partner countries of the Latin America in a volatile oil market.

At the end of the meeting the representatives of the CASS and RISS were hopeful of future research cooperation anf joint meetings on current issues.