RISS Director stated in his welcome address speech that the Dveri Movement and the Democratic Party of Serbia are one of the few patriotic, orthodox and Russophile minded political associations in Serbia. “Dveri is our longtime partner. We see that political situation in Serbia is changing, but the movement’s focus on protection of traditional orthodox and conservative values remains unchanged. We hope that this will continue”, noted L. Reshetnikov.

Boshko Obradovich drew attention to the fact that 70 % of the Serbian population consider themselves Russophiles. However, a lot of people vote for liberal-populist and anti-Russian parties at the election. “This is because Russia is not well represented in Serbian mass media, as well as the major Russian business in Serbia develops in pro-Western way”, said Mr. Obradovich.

Between the movement’s leadership and RISS were reached agreements on further cultural and information cooperation.