RISS expert М.А.Likhachev reported on the EAEU image in the mass media of Kazakhstan. In his report the expert gave the analysis of the key tendencies of how Eurasian integration project is covered in official (including both pro-government and government) mass media, as well as opposition, pro-Western and national-patriotic resources of the Republic.

The reporter marked Kazakhstan official mass-media to positively cover economic benefits for the Republic as EAEU member with a stress on depolitization of the targets and tasks of integration. Opposition, pro-Western and national sources, on the other hand, have a critical approach with different levels of antieurasian rhetoric. Publications of the last two are mostly of anti-Russian character.

К.Rahimov spoke on the EAEU image in the mass media of Kyrgyzstan. The expert said that pro-Russian sentiments are spread in almost all parties in the parliament which follow the prevailing public mood.

Information and technology part of the conference was opened by А.Glazyrin, who marked insufficient covering of eurasian range of problems in the Russian mass media, which forms the wrong conception of the key strategic partners and neighbours of Russia in the society. This situation is inconsistent with the task to form “eurasian mentality” as a part of civil and social integration.

The final report by S. Hurbatov addressed the eurasian integration image in the regional mass media. According to the report, newsworthy events on EAEU in the regions are not enough. Eurasian theme is a side issue in the regional information space.