The stand of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies was in the heart of events so that visitors of the fair could choose and purchase books, published by RISS and Historical Perspactive Fund. More than 100 book items were presented at the fair. Among them there were books by Leonid Reshetnikov “Back to Russia. The third way or the dead-end of despair” and “Russian Lemnos”, collective edition of a book in Serbian language by Pyotr Multatuli «Golgotha of the Imperial Family», analytiacal reserch books on strategy and economy of the European Union and USA, historical analysis of the government of the state and events, which took place from Ivan the Terrible up to our days. Visitors of the fair were also very interested in the book by Nikita Bondarev «The Mystery of Tito. The Moscow Years of Josip Broz» and detailed analysis of Ukrainian events in 2014.

The stand was visited by some key figures of Serbia as well. Thus, special attention was paid by representatives of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia. Ljubiša Diković, the Chief-of-staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, was a special guest of the RISS stand. The General got acquainted with RISS sphere of research and was given a copy of the book «Back to Russia».