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01.03.2016 News

Second edition on the U.S.BMDS deployment released

The second English edition of the monograph entitled as «Evolution of the U.S. Missile Defense Beyond 2040 and Russia’s Stance» has been recently released in Moscow under the auspices of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS); ISBN: 978-5-8242-0145-1. Its author is Vladimir Kozin, Chief Adviser at the RISS; Member, Russian Academy of the Natural Sciences and Professor, Russian Academy of Military Sciences.

книга КозинаThe first edition of the book having 351 pages appeared in English in 2013.  The newly emerged edition has been substantially enlarged and updated till February 2016. The new book contains 446 pages plus 72 illustrations.

It offers an in-depth analysis of the conceptual and practical development of the U.S. missile defense. Specific examples and facts are used to describe Washington’s initiating role in implementing the BMD project of a multilayered missile defense, both in the specific regions of the world and on the global scale in general.

Special attention is paid to assessing the prospects of emplacing missile defense under President Barack Obama and establishing direct links between the U.S. and NATO missile defense infrastructure with their nuclear and conventional weapons. The book assesses the outcome of the Phase 1 and 2 of the U.S. “Phased Adaptive Approach” and offers of the forecast for the U.S. BMDS deployment beyond 2040.

The study offers a detailed description of the activities of the Russian Federation aimed at resolving the missile defense issue based on the principles of equality and equal security, and also in connection to reductions of strategic and tactical nuclear arms.

The monograph might be used by a broad range of readers interested in missile defense issues and arms control at large, and also by those who examine key problems existing between Russia and the USA, as well as between Russia and NATO.

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