At the delegation were: Li Kwang Dzhe (deputy director of FCI), Kim Tkhe Yu (head of the scientific researches), Wi Son Lak (adviser), Cho Dzhong Hoon (deputy director for international relations).

At the meeting were the following representatives of RISS: Leonid Reshetnikov (RISS director), Igor Prokofyev (deputy RISS director, head of Centre for Economic Research), Sergey Karataev (head of sector of foreign countries economy, deputy head of Centre for Economic Research), Andrey Todorov (senior research fellow of Centre for Economic Research), Vladimir Svedentsov (senior research fellow of Centre for Asia and the Middle East).

FCI representatives visited RISS for the first time. At the meeting participants got acquainted with the main areas of activities and issues studied in the research institutes. The Korean delegation demonstrated interest in cooperative researches of such fields as overcoming of the international confrontation, ensuring of peaceful development of Eurasia and other urgent issues of international cooperation.

The participants agreed to make a number of arrangements in upcoming months in order to establish the cooperation between RISS and FCI.