The main objective of the situational analysis was to identify the most relevant trends in the region and its analysis from the Russian point of view. The discussion touched upon the issues of political, cultural, and economic life of the Balkan countries, problems of Russia’s bilateral relations with the countries of the region.

Head of Centre for Euro-Atlantic and Defense Studies G. Tishchenko, Head of Sector of the European Countries L. Vorobyova, Head of the Group for Balkan Studies N. Bondarev, research workers L. Abaev, S. Mikhailov, E. Biryukov, I. Svistunova, V. Kalinkin, A. Vilovatykh, N. Podchasov actively participated in the discussion.

The discussion once again confirmed the complexity and importance of the region, identified problems in the political, economic, and spiritual life of the Balkan countries, as well as outlined the specific risk and opportunities for the Russian side.