The upcoming elections to be held in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The disunited opposition in Malaysia nominated Mohammad Mahathir, father of the Malaysian economic miracle, as a candidate for Prime Minister. Such a worthy candidate is able to move away the pro-government party coalition “National Front.”

Cambodian elections are unlikely to come as a surprise. RISS expert notes that “in November 2017, the Supreme court of Cambodia banned the main opposition force of the country.” Despite strong criticism from the international community, the Prime Minister promised to hold the elections on time, saying that Cambodia doesn’t need the UN recognition of its legitimacy.”

The electoral process in Thailand is a far more significant event. “This will be the first general elections after the military powers came to power in the country in May 2014. The junta promised to hold free elections and not to organize another coup after them. The new election law, passed in January 2018, set the election date for February 2019,” I.Komissina said.

According to the researcher, Indonesian politicians have also begun preparations for the elections scheduled for April 2019. “The situation is extremely favorable for the current President of Indonesia Joko Widodo. More than half of the parties planning to participate in the elections have already bet on him, while the rest are still thinking,” she said.