US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has already demanded that D.Ortega should carry out democratic reforms. For his part, United States Ambassador to the Organization of American States Carlos Trujillo called D.Ortega a “dictator” and said that the OAS “requires the government of Nicaragua to hold free elections in the near future under the control of the OAS and other democratic instruments to strengthen democracy in Nicaragua.”

“During the OAS General Assembly, held on June 4-5 in Washington, was adopted the Declaration with the requirements for the Nicaraguan authorities and other social forces to commence peace negotiations aimed at addressing key problems of the country, including the strengthening of democratic institutions and the holding of elections free from fear, intimidation, threats, and violence,” I.Pshenichnikov said.

This declaration adopted within the OAS and the statements of the Head of American Diplomacy and the American Ambassador to the OAS leave no doubt that the USA is behind the protests in Nicaragua. Apparently, Washington is intending to overthrow D.Ortega and to establish a regime meeting its own interests. This is similar to Maidan scenario in 2014 in Ukraine. In addition, the Nicaraguan crisis is also similar to the Venezuelan protests a year ago, which were organized by Washington. “The United States tries to form an anti-Nicaraguan bloc of Latin American countries to put pressure on D.Ortega just as they had previously created an anti-Venezuelan bloc to isolate Nicolas Maduro. The main “fault” of the current authorities of Caracas and Managua is that they are trying to pursue an independent policy and maintain friendly relations with Russia. The United States is trying to “impose order” in Latin America – a region that they traditionally consider as their backyard,” RISS expert concluded.