He also stressed the fact that the Americans dont like Turkey’s independent policy and its active cooperation with Russia. “In Americas opinion, Ankara has become too independent. It buys Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, continues the construction of the Turkish stream, develops cooperation in the field of nuclear energy and successfully solves joint Syrian settlement with Russia. The reason of the worsening relations between the US and Turkey is not really the case of the American pastor Branson detained by the Turkish authorities, but the Turkish independent policy,” RISS expert pointed out.

The Trump administration stated that if pastor Branson isnt released, the representatives of the US Treasury will prevent the allocation of financial resources to Turkey. “Ankara, in its turn, took a tough action by imposing additional duties on the US imports such as tobacco, alcohol, building materials, and electronics. Hard Ankaras response to US sanctions meets the approval of the Turkish society. The Turkish population has begun to buy goods of its own and Chinese production,” G.Sosnov concluded.