After the world hegemon’s withdrawal from the INF Treaty, the future of the START Treaty is also unclear. The USA and Russia are not the only states that have nuclear weapons. In experts’ opinion, such counties as Britain, France, and China should be included in the treaties limiting the spread of nuclear weapons. “But the Americans, instead of searching a way out of the situation, offer to destroy everything that we have and plunge into an era of instability,” RISS expert pointed out.

At the same time, the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty was not a big surprise for experts. “Over the past few years, even before Trump’s presidency, the US has been secretly preparing for this decision. To do this, it spreaded misinformation, in particular, that Russia allegedly violates the INF Treaty,” S.Ermakov underscored.

“I don’t think that after the US withdrawal the number of military conflicts will increase dramatically. However, we are now in Cold War 2.0, and military parity will play a significant role in our relations. At the same time, the USA openly says that it wants to maintain global leadership and achieve military superiority. Thus, the world is on the verge of a new arms race,” the political scientist concluded.