I.Kravchenko underscored that the so-called “fluctuating” states, where electoral votes are distributed equally between Democrats and Republicans, are the most important for the US political technologists. Establishment of friendly relations with the governors is also very significant. In expert’s opinion, local legislation signed by governors may influence a number of important aspects for the future presidential elections. First of all, this is creation of obstacles for opposition political parties. The expert cites as an example the Indian population that supports mainly Democrats will not be able to vote because of the adopted amendments to the legislation in North Dakota. In fact, the amendments determine that everyone who is resident in the household is eligible to vote. However, the Indians do not live in cities, they live in reservations.

“The midterm elections will be an important part of the domestic political struggle. Trump has stepped up polar directions within political parties: the far right among Republicans and the far left among Democrats. The upcoming presidential elections, which will be held in a few years, will show who will become a leader,” the analyst concluded.