Iran’s economy suffers from sanctions. Tehran needs to sell a lot of oil, so such acts of sabotage in the Persian Gulf are absolutely unprofitable for it. D.Trump just wants to drive Iran into a corner to start “hard”negotiations. E.Suponina expressed concern that Trump’s entourage has people like J.Bolton, who at any moment can start a full-scale military invasion. The same danger comes from the regional allies of the United States: Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates. RISS expert recalled that events often developed in an unexpected way in the Middle East.

E.Suponina drew attention to the fact that more than 20% of the global oil trade traffic passed through the Persian Gulf. “There is a high probability of blocking these trade routes. So it is very dangerous to back Iran into a corner. Europe is interested in defusing tensions in this region. Russia may act as a mediator in a resolution of this situation. This is very important on the eve of the G20 summit in Japan,” the analyst concluded.